Vertere Iso-paw (Image Credit: Vertere)
Vertere Iso-paw (Image Credit: Vertere)

For DG-1, Phono-1 and more

Vertere is Introducing new Isolation Feet "Iso-paw"

The new Iso-paw feet are designed specifically for Vertere's DG-1 turntable and Phono-1 phono-preamplifier, but other devices of light to medium weight are also said to benefit from the feet.

The lower part of the Vertere Iso-paw consists of an acetal base with a felt underside. On top of this is a Sorbothane dome, which serves as the point of contact with the device.

The new feet are designed to keep unwanted vibrations away from the devices standing on them, thus aiming to improve the sound. The manufacturer recommends to not surpass a weight of 2.5 kilograms per foot.

The Vertere Iso-paw are available as a set of three (designed for use with the DG-1 – which was reviewed by us here) for a price of around €130* or as a set of four (designed for use with the Phono-1 – which was reviewed by us here) for a price of around €160*.

*Availability and Prices for Germany.


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