Vertere DG-1 with Magneto (Image Credit: Vertere)
Vertere DG-1 with Magneto (Image Credit: Vertere)

New Standard-System

Vertere DG-1 with pre-installed Magneto

Whoever buys a Vertere DG-1 turntable as a complete set including the cartridge, will now get it with the Vertere Magneto system pre-installed and adjusted.

The Magneto thus replaces the Audio Technica VM520EB system as standard for the DG-1, but is related to the Audio Technica and can be upgraded with the AT VM5x series needles. The Magneto pickup was chosen as the perfect fit for the DG-1 because it is comparatively tolerant of records in poor condition – which is a likely scenario, especially for people who are returning to vinyl after a longer break – but is supposed to nevertheless convince musically. The needle has ab elliptical cut, and the lines on the underside of the system are intended to make adjustment easier. Vertere recommends a tracking force of between 1.8 and 2.2 grams.

Individually the Vertere DG-1 costs 3250 Euro* and the Magneto system 297 Euro*. As a set with pre-installed pickup you pay 3350 Euro*.

*Prices for Germany

Vertere Magneto from below
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Vertere Magneto front
Vertere Magneto box
Vertere DG-1 with Magneto

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