Home 150, 350, 250 (from left, Image Credit: Denon)
Home 150, 350, 250 (from left, Image Credit: Denon)

New Speaker Placement Settings

Update for Denon Home Speakers

Denon's multi-room speakers "Home" can now be individually adapted to the room via app.

Denon has published an update for its wireless multi-room speakers "Home", which were previously called "Heos". Both the device's firmware and the app – which is still called "Heos" – have been updated. The new feature is the optimization of the bass reproduction, which can be selected in three stages depending on the position of the speakers: free-standing, near a wall or in a shelf/corner. Another new feature concerns the operation via the buttons on the speaker: 2xPause causes Skip to the next song, 3xPause Skip to the previous or the beginning of the current song. This is similar to what you know from headphones with cable remote control. The updates are now available for the Denon Home 150, 250 and 350 models. If Auto Update is enabled in the settings it will be applied automatically.

Setting the speaker placement in the Heos app
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