„Roon tested“

Roon certifies devices from Denon and Marantz

A total of 59 models are guaranteed to be compatible with Roon either via Airplay or as USB DACs.

Sound United, the parent company of Denon and Marantz, has had numerous AV receivers, network players, integrated amplifiers etc. certified by Roon. 59 devices are now allowed to adorn themselves with the "Roon tested" label. The Denon amplifiers PMA-2500NE, PMA-1600NE and PMA-150H have been tested for Roon compatibility as USB DACs on a PC. At Marantz, the CD/SACD players SA-10, SA-KI RUBY, SA-12 and ND8006 have been tested for Roon compatibility. For the network-compatible devices, Roon compatibility was tested and confirmed via Airplay. However, these models do not support Roon's proprietary RAAT protocol, so they are not "Roon ready". The "Roon tested" certificate is not a special technical feature, but only a compatibility confirmation. In theory, all Airplay devices and all USB DACs should work with the Roon software. However, experience has shown that it does not always work as well as it should – which is why the "Roon tested" certification absolutely makes sense.


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