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Heco Aurora 200 P

Lots of connections and a fair price

New Active Shelf Speakers Heco Aurora 200 P

With the new active shelf speakers Aurora 200 P, Heco wants to score with a combination of high sound quality and fair pricing. Meanwhile, a lot of…

Revenue segments of the German music industry in the first half of 2022

The German music industry reports an increase in turnover

German Music Market: Streaming and Vinyl Growing

Audio streaming and vinyl records are driving the growth of the German music market, as reported by the German Music Industry Association in its…

The Aurender A15 is a full-on streamer and server with built-in DAC and analog outputs.

Complete Streamer/Server

Aurender presents the new A15 Streamer & Server

The new A15 from Aurender, South Korean specialist for digital devices, offers streaming capabilities and an analog output in addition to being a…

The event is only open to expert visitors will take place in Offenbach, Germany on September 1 and 2, 2022.

Expert Conference With Diverse Topics

International Conference On the Topic of Physical Media

Numerous industry experts will meet at the Capitol in Offenbach, Germany, for the "Making Vinyl Europe & Physical Media World Conference" at the start…

Auralic Altair G1.1

New Features in G1.1 Series

Auralic Updates Altair and Aries

With the upgrade to version G1.1, the Altair and Aries streaming devices from digital specialist Auralic get some new features as well as…

Cooperation between Klipsch and Resonado Labs

To Design New Loudspeakers

Klipsch Partners With Resonado Labs

American loudspeaker brand Klipsch announced a partnership with the startup Resonado Labs, which has developed the new "Res-Core" sound transducer.

The compact Amp Box S3 from Pro-Ject

Available in Black and Silver

Amp Box S3: New Miniature Power Amp from Pro-Ject

The new "S3" version of the mini power amplifier "Amp Box" from Pro-Ject is said to deliver, among other things, less distortion as well as more…

The new HA-300MK2 from Cayin

Also suitable for speakers

Two-Part Tube Headphone Amp HA-300MK2 from Cayin

Cayin launches the HA-300MK2 as the successor to the HA-300. It is a headphone amplifier equipped with tubes and coming with an external power supply,…

Onkyo and Pioneer are now part of Voxx

After Takeover

New Start for Onkyo and Pioneer

Devices from Pioneer and Onkyo were practically sold out lately. With production and distribution now handled by Voxx and Sharp, they are supposed to…

The new Dual CS 429

Including Ortofon 2M Red

New Dual CS 429: Automatic Turntable with Phono Preamp

As a fully automatic record player, Dual's new CS 429 wants to offer easy and convenient operation when listening to vinyl records.

The new Passif 50 from PSB

In Retro Design

PSB Speakers: "Passif 50" for 50th Anniversary

PSB Speakers – founded in 1972 – is currently celebrating the brand's 50th birthday and commemorates it by launching the "Passif 50" standmount…

The Ayre CX-8 carries a CD drive from TEAC

Ayre continues to employ TEAC-drive and balanced design

New and Upgradeable CD Player from Ayre Acoustics

The new CX-8 CD player from the American company Ayre can also be upgraded with two modules for USB hi-fi as well as streaming capabilities.

Yamaha Streaming-System R-N2000A/NS-2000A

Available towards the end of 2022

Yamaha Presents New Streaming System

Yamaha's "R-N2000A" network receiver and the matching "NS-2000A" floorstanding speakers aim to be a complete system designed to combine the audiophile…

The new Tuner MR89 from McIntosh

With analog and digital outputs

New AM/FM Tuner by McIntosh

American manufacturer McIntosh wants to continue to provide radio listeners with hi-fi devices, and thus introduces the new AM/FM tuner "MR89".

The new LSX II from KEF in various finishes

Smart and Wireless

KEF Introduces 2nd Generation of LSX

Under the name "LSX II", KEF unveils the new generation of the compact and smart speaker system LSX, including more connections and higher resolution.

The new Selekt LP12 with Arko and Kendo (l.) and the Majik LP 12 MC with Koil (r.)

Available Together and Separately

Linn: New Tonearm and Two New MC Pickups for LP12

Linn presents the new "Arko" tonearm and the two new MC cartridges "Kendo" and "Koil", which are designed to improve the performance of the "Majik"…

The Eroica HX is an MC cartridge with a particularly high output voltage.

Eroica HX for all Phono MM Inputs

New High-Output-MC-Pickup Coming From Goldring

The new Eroica HX from English manufacturer Goldring is an MC cartridge designed for the MM phono input of your amp.

Metaxas Tape Deck

"Papillon" And "Tourbillon"

Extraordinary Tape Decks by Metaxas & Sins

Metaxas & Sins used the High End 2022 to show the two reel-to-reel tape recorders "Papillon" and "Tourbillon", both coming in a rather extravagant…

The new Dynaudio Focus 50

Focus 10, 30 and 50

Dynaudio Focus to Become First Streaming Speakers with Built-In Dirac Live

The new "Focus" streaming speakers from Dynaudio, presented at the High End 2022, will be the first speakers coming with the room correction "Dirac…

Fischer & Fischer 270AMT

Floorstanding Speakers made of Natural Slate

Fischer & Fischer with new "270AMT"

At the High End 2022, the German specialist for loudspeakers with natural slate enclosures presented the new compact 270AMT floorstanding loudspeakers…

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