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T Bone Burnett with his new analog disc medium

T Bone Burnett Presents new Analog Music Medium

"Ionic Original": New Analog Music Medium

T Bone Burnett presented a new Medium for recording audio, which offers features of both CD and vinyl. To mark and promote the new disc, he…

Klipsch Heritage 2.1 System

"ProMedia Heritage" 2.1 System

Klipsch Launches 2.1 Speaker System

The new "multimedia speaker system" "ProMedia Heritage" from the American company Klipsch wants to unite a small footprint, simple controls and…

The new "M Onwall" from Scansonic

L 7, L 14, L Onwall and M Onwall

Four New Speakers from Scansonic

Scansonic expands the "M" and "L" series: In addition to a floorstanding and a compact speaker, two on-wall speakers join the product range of the…

Alan Parsons as brand ambassador of the High End 2022

Following the Trade Show Motto „The Magic of Music“

Alan Parsons coming to High End 2022

As the face and brand ambassador of the High End 2022, Alan Parsons will be present on two days of the audio show – running from May 19-22, 2022 in…

Pro-Ject X8 and Pro-Ject Phono Box DS3 B

„Balanced Vinyl for Everyone!“

Balanced News from Pro-Ject

Following the motto "balanced vinyl for everyone!", the turntable and electronics manufacturer Pro-Ject wants to push balanced signal transmission…

The TAD-E2 "Evolution Two" Floorstanding Speakers

Exclusive Components from Japan

New Speaker and DACs from TAD

TAD expands its "Evolution" series by adding the new floorstanding speaker TAD-E2, as well as two digital devices that offer slightly different…

The various Audirvana versions and their features

Cheaper Price for Owners of Older Versions

Audirvana License Available Again

With "Audirvana Studio", the player software "Audirvana" switched to being a subscription sevice last year. Now, the French company (re-)introduces a…

All-in-One Flagship AVM CS 8.3 Black Edition

New Top-Of-The-Line Model

AVM with new All-in-One Flagship

AVM already offered a rather big selection of all-in-one devices (or CD network receivers). Now, the new, particularly exclusive Ovation CS 8.3 Black…

The "Organik" DAC from Linn

The first entirely Linn-made DAC

„Organik“ DAC Upgrade for Linn Klimax Streamers

All "Klimax" streamers from Linn can now be retrofitted with "Organik", the first DAC developed in-house by the Scottish manufacturer.

The High End 2022

Return of the leading Hi-Fi Show

It finally returns: High End 2022

After two years of pausing, the High End Audio Show will finally take place again – at the 19th to 22nd of Mai 2022 in the MOC in Munich, Germany.

The new PS Audio aspen FR 30

4 Woofers and Passive Membranes per Speaker

Exclusive Speakers aspen FR 30 by PS Audio

After a development period of more than 5 years, the American manufacturer PS Audio launches the new high-end speakers "aspen FR 30".

Advance Acoustic MyCast 7

Streamer with Phono Stage

New Streaming Devices from Advance Paris

Advance Paris has announced two new streaming components: the compact all-in-one system "MyCast7" as well as the streaming integrated amplifier…

Mains distribution unit Chord Company PowerHAUS Master M6 with 6 outputs

PowerHAUS Master M6 and Studio S6

Chord Company Launches first Power Distributor

Calling it a "power strip" would not do it justice. According to the manufacturer, Chord Company's Master M6 and Studio S6 power distribution units,…

Various potential use areas of the ElectroAcoustic Panel in a car.

„ElectroAcoustic Panel“

Warwick Acoustics enters "Car Hi-Fi" Market

Up until now, British manufacturer Warwick Acoustics was known for its exclusive electrostatic headphones; using this technology as a basis, Warwick…

SME Model 60

Model 60 with new Version of the Series V Tonearm

SME Unveils Turntable of the Highest League

The English analog specialist SME put ultimate effort into the new high-end turntable Model 60, coming alongside a new tonearm.

The new CD Box DS3 (upper) and CD Box S3 (lower) from Pro-Ject

Starting the new Product Lines "DS3" and "S3"

Pro-Ject Introduces two CD Players

Two new CD players come from Pro-Ject: the larger "CD Box DS3" and the more compact "CD Box S3". Both carry analog as well as digital outputs.

McIntosh AS901 and AS 125

Made From Solid White Ash Wood

McIntosh: New Amplifier Stands

The AS901 amplifier stand was designed specifically for the McIntosh Dual Mono Amp MC901, while the AS125 is designed for use with many different…

Streamer Silent Angel Munich M1

Modern Technology from China

Compact Streamers from Silent Angel

The rather young Chinese manufacturer Silent Angel offers the Munich M1, Munich M1T and Bremen B1 streamers. They are supposed to be as affordable as…

Global recorded music revenues

Nearly half a billion users worldwide have premium subscriptions for streaming services

Global Music Industry on the Rise

The revenues for all mediums of recorded music have risen in the last year; even the CD is in greater demand again – especially in Asia.

McIntosh MA9500 and MA 8950

Now Standard with DAC Module "DA2"

New McIntosh Integrateds MA9500 AC and MA8950 AC

The MA9500 AC and MA8950 integrated amplifiers are said to have 55% increased filter capacity compared their predecessors and come factory-equipped…

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