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Cambridge Audio Edge M

Class XA with 200 Watts per Channel at 8 Ohms

Cambridge Audio "Edge M" Mono power amps

Cambridge Audio's new Edge M mono power amplifiers have high power reserves and are fully balanced from input to output. They also use the unique…

Thorens TD 102 A

With integrated Phono-Preamp

Thorens unveils new Fully Automatic Turntable TD 102 A

Thorens presents the brand new TD 102 A fully automatic turntable with improved mechanics and new tonearm.

Dynaudio Heritage Special

Manufactured by hand in Skanderborg

New Limited Edition: Dynaudio Heritage Special

The new "Heritage Special" Limited Edition is reminiscent of some of the most legendary Dynaudio loudspeakers such as the "Crafft", "Contour" or…

Sonoro Platinum in the STEREO Listening Room

First Turntable from Sonoro

Sonoro "Platinum" in the STEREO Listening Room

The new "Platinum" is the first turntable from Sonoro. Of course, we immediately ordered a test device, which plays in the STEREO listening room at…

Blue Horizon, IsoTek, Milty

New Products in the STEREO-Shop

Our STEREO-Shop now has an even bigger selection of interesting hi-fi products. We also offer shipping to all of Europe and even other countries on…

bFly Octopus

With Modular Construction

"Octopus" Vinyl Record Weight and Clamp from bFly

bFly-audio developed a new universal solution for the stabilization of records: the Octopus – usable either as a clamp or weight.

AVM LaRouge and Ortofon-Cooperation

AVM Rotation Special Edition "LaRouge"

Cooperation between AVM and Ortofon

With the eye-catching special turntable model "LaRouge", the German manufacturer AVM, and the traditional Danish company Ortofon are starting their…

Screenshot from T+A Image Film

Engineering Emotion

New Image Film from T+A

In T+A's new image film, the traditional German manufacturer gives an insight behind the scenes and into its corporate philosophy.

High End September 2021

High End Society

High End 2021 Postponed to September

The High End Audio Show, scheduled originally for May, will be rescheduled into the late summer, onto September 9-12, 2021. With this later date, the…

Linn Krane

Cooperation with Clearaudio

Linn presents New Tonearm Krane for Majik LP12

From the 23rd of November onwards, all Linn Majik Lp12 turntables will be shipped with the new Krane toneram as standard equipment.

Lyngdorf CS-1

Specially designed for Cabinets

Lyngdorf introduces new Compact Loudspeakers CS-1

Lyngdorf Audio presents the new CS-1, specially designed for placement in cabinets and TV furniture.

Qobuz Subscriptions

Hi-Res-Streaming starting at 15€ per Month

Qobuz offers new Streaming Plans

With more than 60 million song titles in hi-res quality, Qobuz has the the biggest such selection on the market. All of these, in addtion to more than…

in-akustik AIR power cable

AC-4004 AIR and AC-1204 AIR

New in-akustik Power Cables with AIR-Technology

Following the reference AC-2404 AIR, the two new models AC-4004 AIR and AC-1204 AIR now complete the AIR power cable series from in-akustik.

Fyne Audio F501 SP

Made in Great Britain

New Floorstanding speaker: Fyne Audio F501 SP

Following the larger F502, Fyne Audio now reveals a higher quality "Special Production" version of the F501, built entirely in the UK.

Audiovector R 6 Series

Newly Developed Carbon Woofers

Audiovector Updates SR 6 Series

With the new R 6 series, Audiovector lifts the SR 6 loudspeaker series into the next generation. According to the manufacturer, a total of 112 detail…

Nagaoka JT-80LB and JT-80BK

In Celebration of 80th Anniversary

Nagaoka unveils new pickup series JT-80

This year the Japanese manufacturer Nagaoka celebrates its 80th birthday. On the occasion of this anniversary, Nagaoka now introduces two new MM…

Streaming straight from the App

Tidal offers new "Connect" feature

The streaming service Tidal introduces a new and useful feature called "Tidal Connect", which allows you to stream music directly from the app to…

Magnat Transpuls 1000

3-Way-Speakers for 800 Euros

New Retro-Loudspeakers from Magnat: Transpuls 1000

The three-way system of the Magnat Transpuls 1000, with a full-size 260 mm woofer, a 135 mm midrange driver and a horn tweeter, is a journey into the…

Acoustic Signature Invictus Neo (Image Credit: Acoustic Signature)

Featuring diamond bearings and vibration control

Acoustic Signature presents Neo-Series

Nine different turntables ranging with prices between €3600 and €155.000 – including new tonearms.

Evolution Black: In the middle the bare strands of silver-plated and pure copper wires

Mix of silver-plated and pure copper conductors

New Evolution BLACK.series from Boaacoustic

The new series will be launched in November as a link between the Copper and Silver series.

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