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The new DC Block 6 from Audiolab

Mains filter with 6 outlets

New Power Optimizer "DC Block 6" from Audiolab

The new Audiolab DC Block 6 is supposed to filter out mains interferences as well as blocking DC voltage in the power supply.

Eternal Arts OTL MK III frontal view

With special OTL circuitry

Eternal Arts celebrates 15th Birthday with Special Version of the OTL MK III Tube Power Amp

The German specialist for tube amplifiers based on the OTL principle by Julius Futterman shows the special version of the OTL MK III power amplifier…

Hama "Passion Turn"

Cheap Allrounder "Hama Passion Turn"

2-in-1: Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers from Hama

The German brand Hama promises a small sensation with its new Bluetooth headphones "Passion Turn". They are both headphones and speakers at the same…

The new Leak Stereo 230, here together with the CD drive CDT

Integrated amp with retro design

New Integrated Amplifier Leak Stereo 230

More power, new DAC chip, more connection options: The British brand Leak has upgraded its integrated amplifier and now presents the new "Stereo 230".

McLaren Editions of the B&W PX8 and Klipsch Groove

B&W PX8 Headphones and Klipsch Groove Speaker

New McLaren Editions: Collaborations with B&W and Klipsch

The British car manufacturer McLaren is further expanding into the audio field: In cooperation with Bowers & Wilkins, an exclusive McLaren edition of…

Mission 700

As well as new DAC "LX Connect"

Mission: New Versions of Speakers 700 and Integrated Amp 778X

After launching the new version of the "770" speakers, Mission now also brings reincarnations of the two-way "700" speakers and the "778X" integrated…

The new floorstanders Magico S3

With technologies from flagship M9

New Version of the "S3" Floorstanding Speakers from Magico

The American high end manufacturer Magico announces a new version of its floorstanding speakers S3, which among other things wants to convince with…

The atrium rooms of the M.O.C. are especially popular

World leading audio show

High End Audio Show 2023 in Munich Fully Booked

The generously sized atriums in particular are enjoying increasing popularity among exhibitors, as all exhibitor rooms for the High End Audio Show in…

Yamaha's new headphones YH-5000SE

First "5000" headphones in Yamaha's history

Ultra Light High End Headphones YH-5000SE from Yamaha

With the YH-5000SE, handmade according to strictest criteria at the factory in Kakegawa, Japan, famous for its grand pianos, Yamaha says it is…

The new streamer RS250A from HiFi Rose

Also available in black in addition to silver now

New and Improved HiFi Rose Streamer RS250A

As an improved version of the streamer with built-in preamp RS250, HiFi Rose introduces the new RS250A, which promises various upgrades.

Clearaudio Balance Reference Phono

Completely balanced design

Clearaudio Launches new Balanced Phono Preamp "Balance Reference Phono"

The new Clearaudio "Balance Reference" phono preamp offers plenty of features, separate inputs for MM/MC pickups as well as an external PSU for…

The new Pegasus cables from Audioquest in their XLR version

Pegasus cables with 72v-DBS-Pack against ooise

"Mythical Horses" from Audioquest: new Cables "Black Beauty" and "Pegasus"

Cable manufacturer Audioquest introduces two new RCA and XLR cables, "Black Beauty" and "Pegasus", which are said to offer the benefits of the…

Audio Physic Avantera

Floorstanding speakers with technology from the Cardeas

Audio Physic shows new Avantera Floorstanding Speakers

Audio Physic unveiled the new 4-way floorstanding speaker Avantera: an upper class model, which has benefited from the technology of the Cardeas and…

The new high end flagship I-880 integrated amplifier from Aavik

In solid copper housing

Aavik Presents new Amplifier Flagships "880"

Aavik's new, exclusive flagship 880 series works with pure Class A technology and consists of the I-880 integrated amplifier, the P-880 power…

Audio-Technica AT-SB2022

Retro look, modern technology

Audio Technica Revisits Design Classic

Audio Technica might not be the most creative in naming their products, but the AT-SB2022 turntable in its retro design is still supposed to impress.

M&K D85/95

Less than 10cm in depth

New Shelf Speakers "D85" and "D95" from M&K

M&K Sound – or Miller & Kreisel – has created a reputation for itself in the professional and cinema field over the past 45 years. Now the Danes…

The new integrated amplifier Pro-Ject MaiA DS3

Small and big amp with Bluetooth

New Amplifiers by Pro-Ject: MaiA DS3 and Stereo Box S3 BT

Austrian manufacturer Pro-Ject expands its range of integrated amplifiers with the two new, relatively compact and "Made in Europe" models MaiA DS3…

The new Levar MC preamp sits in a compact metal housing.

"Ultimate" Duo with Adjustable Amplification

New Phono Preamplifiers Levar Ultimate-MM and MC

Levar's new MM and MC phono preamplifiers are called "Ultimate" and aim to offer a wide variety of adjustment options.

Heco Aurora 900 AM

Floorstanding speaker with integrated Atmos channel

Heco Aurora 900 for Stereo and Home Theater

To meet the demands of both music and home theater fans at the same time, Heco presents the new Aurora 900: a high-quality floorstanding speaker with…

iFi Neo Stream

With optical LAN, MQA and DSD

New Streamer including DAC iFi Neo Stream

iFi expands its range of streaming DACs with the Neo Stream. The new device aims to offer an especially wide array of features.

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