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The new Bartók APEX from dCS in the version including headphone output

Bartók APEX also as an upgrade for old Bartók

dCS Introduces Upgrade for Streamer-DAC Bartók

The British manufacturer dCS presents the new Bartók APEX as an improved version of the Bartók: high-end streamer, DAC, upsampler and preamplifier.

Klipsch The Nines

With HDMI and phono MM

"The Sevens" and "The Nines": New Powered Speakers by Klipsch

With the powered speakers "The Sevens" and "The Nines", Klipsch is adding two new models to the Heritage wireless speaker series. Just like their…

Raidho X2t frontal view

With tantalum woofer and ribbon tweeter

Raidho Presents new Floorstanding Speakers X2t

In the new X2t speakers from Raidho, tantalum as diaphragm material in the drivers is supposed to bring significant sonic improvements at a relatively…

Velodyne Vi-Q Subwoofer Family

Prices ranging between €1600 and €2500

New "VI-Q", "Impact X" and "Deep Waves" Subwoofers from Velodyne

Subwoofer specialist Velodyne presents plenty of new subwoofers in various price and quality ranges, coming from the "VI-Q", "Impact X" and "Deep…

The new streamer MXN10 from Cambridge Audio

Available from march 2023

Cambridge Presents new Streamers "MXN10" & "AXN10"

The two new network players "MXN10" and "AXN10" are said to offer the technology of larger Cambridge streamers at a lower price and in a compact…

The new Audiolab 7000A, 7000N and 7000CDT

Based on product lines 6000 and 9000

New 7000 Series from Audiolab

Audiolab's new midrange product line is said to incorporate technologies from the new 9000 flagship models and consists of an integrated amplifier, a…

The new "High End Audio Design Loudspeakers" Cue-100 from Lyngdorf

Cue-100, D-60 and CS-2

Lyngdorf Presents Three new Loudspeakers

Lyngdorf's three new loudspeakers are designed for completely different use cases: one standmount speaker, an in-wall speaker as well as an…

New Media Players from AVM

Choice of tubes or transistors

Two new Streamers/Media Players at once from AVM: MP 5.3 and MP 3.3

The German high-end manufacturer AVM presents two completely newly designed media players of the Evolution Line for the start of 2023.

The Flagship "D-TC3 SUPREME" of the new "Power Distributor" series "Mainz8" from Ansuz

Flagship for €/$ 42,000

Ansuz Introduces New Generation of High-End Power Distributor Series "Mainz8"

The third generation of Ansuz's exclusive "Mainz8" power distributor series is said to promise optimal delivery of electricity thanks to many of…

The new IsoAcoustics app

Available for iOS and Android

IsoAcoustics Launches own App

The accessory manufacturer IsoAcoustics is now offering their own app, which is intended to provide detailed product recommendations for decoupling…

Merason DAC 1 MK II frontal view

Extensive update

Merason DAC 1 now Available as MK II Version

The Swiss manufacturer Merason presents the completely overhauled high-end DAC "DAC1 Mk II".

MoFi SourcePoint 10

Designed by Andrew Jones

SourcePoint 10: First Speakers from MoFi

With the two-way standmount speaker "SourcePoint 10" – developed by Andrew Jones –, the phono experts from MoFi present their first own loudspeaker.

Enjoy The Happy Hour at the Florida International Audio Expo

Audio show with industry Happy Hour

Enjoy the sponsors Happy Hour at Florida Audio Expo 2023

The fourth edition of the Florida International Audio Expo will take place between February 17th and 19th, 2023, with Enjoy the again…

Denon DCD-1700NE

With Advanced AL32 Processing Plus and proprietary drive

Denon with new CD/SACD Player "DCD-1700NE"

With the DCD-1700NE, Denon expands its portfolio of high-quality CD players, with this model also being capable of playing SACDs.

Piega Ace with Airplay

New firmware update

Piega Ace ready for Apple AirPlay 2

As Piega promised, its Ace all-in-one wireless system is getting constant updates. From now on, the speakers are compatible with Apple AirPlay2.

The new preamp "Nu-Vista PRE" from Musical Fidelity

Including external PSUs

New High-End "Nu-Vista" Pre- and Power Amplifiers from Musical Fidelity

The new PRE preamplifier, as well as the PAM (mono block) and PAS (stereo) power amplifiers from Musical Fidelity's Nu-Vista range aim to offer the…

The new Sennheiser IE 200 in-ear headphones

With "TrueResponse" technology

Sennheiser Presents new In-Ear Headphones "IE 200"

Sennheiser's new IE 200 wired in-ear headphones are an affordable new addition to the IE series and are said to benefit from the technology of the…

The three new speakers of the "Bison" series from Totem Acoustic

Bison "Monitor", "Tower" and "Twin Tower"

Totem Acoustic shows new Speaker Series "Bison"

The Canadian manufacturer Totem Acoustic introduces three new loudspeaker models, which start off the new "Bison" product line.

The new "Stage" product line from JBL

New and affordable speakers

New "Stage" Speaker Series presented by JBL

Floorstanding speakers, shelf speakers, center speakers and subwoofers: JBL introduces the "Stage" series with nine new speakers for hi-fi and home…

Mini-CD MK2 (Image Credit: Cayin)

Compact CD player

Cayin presents new CD Player "Mini-CD MK2"

The new Mini-CD MK2 from Cayin is a slot-in CD player with a width of 24 cm, and digital as well as analog outputs.

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