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Denon 1700

Integrated Amp for around 2,000 Euros

Denon presents 1700 Series

The High End also revealed that there will be a "1700" series from Denon, featuring at least an integrated amplifier with a price of around 2,000…

The new Canton Ergo

New Townus 2 and Revival of the Ergo

New Canton Speakers for the 50th Birthday

To commemorate the company's 50th anniversary, Canton presents several new products at the High End audio show 2022.

MoFi Master Deck

Flexible and Adjustable

"Master Deck" and "Master Phono" from MoFi

MoFi uses the High End to show the "Master Deck" turntable for 7500 euros and the phono-preamp "Master Phono" for 5000 euros.

VPI Titan

With Friction Drive

VPI: New Super-Turntable "Titan"

Titan is the name of the new turntable from the US phono specialist VPI, which is made up of two decoupled layers.

The new tonearm form Clearaudio

New Tonearm and new Phono Preamp

Phono News from Clearaudio

Clearaudio introduces the new phono preamplifier "Balance Reference Phono" as well as the new tonearm "Profiler" at the High End in Munich.

The Technics SL-1200MK7L is available in various finishes

New SL-1200MK7L in in six more colors

Technics Celebrates 50 Years of SL-1200

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classical SL-1200 turntable, Technics presents the SL-1200MK7L in six other colors – in addition to the usual…

Monitor Audio Concept 50

Futuristic "Concept 50" Speakers

Looking into the Future with Monitor Audio

The look of the new Monitor Audio speakers shown at the High End, carrying the provisional name Concept 50, is rather futuristic.

The DALI team proudly presents the new flagship "Kore"


DALI Launches New Flagship Speakers "Kore"

More news from the High End 2022: the Danish manufacturer DALI presents its new top-of-the-line speakers "Kore" at the audio show.

GoldenEar Reference

"Reference" Model for 12,000 Euros

Floorstanding Speakers with Built-in Powered (Sub-)Woofer from GoldenEar

The top model of the "Triton" series from US manufacturer GoldenEar, the "Reference", has a lot to offer despite the pair price of 12,000 euros –…

Burmester designer Stefan Größler is evidently very happy with his new speakers

New Super-Combo

Burmester presents Power Amp 218 and Speakers BC 150

At the High End Audio Show, German manufacturer Burmester presents the new power amplifier "218" together with the also brand-new loudspeakers "BC…

Peak „El Diablo“

90 Kilograms Heavy and with Selected Components

Peak Shows New Top-Of-The-Line speakers "El Diablo"

After Dynaudio founder Wilfried Ehrenholz – who sold the company some time ago – recently became the new co-owner of the Danish brand Peak, he uses…

Dynadido Focus Speakers at the High End 2022

With Streaming and DSP

Dynaudio Shows New Wireless Active Speakers "Focus"

The Danish manufacturer Dynaudio uses the High End trade fair 2022 to present their new active and wireless "Focus" streaming speakers to the public.

Transrotor founder Jochen Räke with his new "Strato nero"

Weighing around 40 kilograms

High End Audio Show: Transrotor presents Strato Nero and Bianco

At the High End Audio Show, Transrotor presents a booth filled with flowers and, among other things, the "Strato nero" turntable, equipped with an…

Electrocompaniet AW800M

The AW800M is said to weigh 55 kg

Super Power Amp "AW800M" from Electrocompaniet

The Norwegians present a top power amplifier with the AW800M, which stands out with high performance and unusual flexibility, and is said to carry and…

The Ultima Pre 3 comes in the futuristic design typical for Chord.

Proven Technologies from the Bigger Models

New Preamplifier Chord Ultima Pre 3

The new high-level preamp from Chord – named "Ultima Pre 3" – carries five inputs and is said to profit from the technological intricacies of the…

The new "Thunderbird" cables from Audioquest

"ThunderBird", "FireBird" and "Dragon"

More "Mythical Creatures": New Highest End Cables from Audioquest

Audioquest presented three new exclusive analog signal cables: three RCA and XLR cables each are added to the "Mythical Creatures" series.

The new HUB from Bluesound

For all BluOS-Players

Bluesound HUB: Wireless Integration of Audio Sources into your Network

The Canadian manufacturer Bluesound unveiled the "HUB", which can stream signals from analog as well as digital sources into your home network via…

Moon Voice 22 in black, frontal view

The Canadians' first Loudspeakers

The first Speakers from Moon: Voice 22

Just in time for the High End audio show, the Canadian brand Moon unveils a surprise: their first speaker, a two-way standmount model.

The new entry-level Pro-Ject E1 turntable

Affordable Entry-Level Models E1, E1 Phono and E1 BT

Three new affordable Pro-Ject Turntables

True hi-fi quality with a pricetag that will appeal to vinyl newcomers – that's what Pro-Ject's new E1 turntables, built entirely in Europe, are…

Qobuz available in 6 new countries

Six new Countries

Hi-Res Streaming with Qobuz now also in Latin America and Portugal

The French music streaming platfrom Qobuz is now also available in several countries of the world's fastest-growing market for music streaming – Latin…

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