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Ultimate Wilson & D'Agostino Stereo


STEREO visits Wilson Audio and Dan D᾽Agostino

High-End Mega-Trip – What an experience! In the Audio Reference showroom in Hamburg, Germany, we went on a trip to the limits of the high-end universe…

| Matthias Böde
Audiophile Tour through New York with David Chesky

Story: Hi-Fi in New York

An Audiophile Tour Through New York City

Let‘s go on a trip! – Hardly anyone knows New York‘s "sound hot spots" better than David Chesky. The label boss and sound guru, known for his…

| Matthias Böde
"Sound Education Sessions" – Participants

Special: STEREO Workshop

STEREO Sound Education Sessions in America

Favorite Subject: Sound Studies – What seemed to be a crazy idea at first turned out to be a didactic hi-fi-hit at an American high school. STEREO…

| Matthias Böde
Crystal Cable CrystalConnect Diamond Refer.

Test: Cables

CrystalConnect Reference Diamond Review

Diamond Fever – Know-how and unusual materials characterize the standalone „Reference Diamond“ line from CrystalConnect. They appear thin only to the…

| Matthias Böde
Siltech 380 IC G9

Cable Test

Siltech Legend G9 380i Review

"The Ninth" from Siltech – The silver-gold interconnect cables from Dutch brand Siltech now arrived in their ninth generation. STEREO took a closer…

| Tom Frantzen
Audes ST3000

Isolation Transformer Test

Audes ST3000 Review

Baltic Isolation – The loudspeaker specialist Audes once started out as a state-owned company and transformer manufacturer – and is now returning to…

| Tom Frantzen
To Bi Or Not To Bi


Everything You Need to Know About Bi-Amping

To Bi Or Not To Bi – Bi-amping is considered one of the "ultimate aspects" of sophisticated high fidelity. In this essay, you'll read what it is…

| Tom Frantzen


Beethoven: a Global Phenomenon

Be Embraced, You Millions! – Ludwig van Beethoven is not only the world's most frequently performed composer, in 2020 he will also be reflected in the…

| Andreas Kunz
REL 510 S Array


REL 510 S Line-Array Report

Nonsense or useful experiment? Understandably, that was the question we faced after having ordered six REL 510 S subwoofers and having stacked three…

| Michael Lang

STEREO Service

Ripping Basics: Digitizing CDs and Records

Digitizing your CDs and LPs can have a lot of advantages – STEREO explains the basics and gives practical advice.

Thorens TD 124

Hi-Fi Classics

Thorens TD 124

Swiss Machine – There are quite a few legendary names in high fidelity which are capable of sparking joy in the hearts of most audiophiles when…

| Michael Lang
Burmester Signature Line

Special: Signature Line on Schloss Groß Rietz

Ultimate High End Burmester Presentation

Gateway to Great Sound – For an appropriate presentation of their ultimate "Signature Line", Burmester invited us to a respectable manor in Eastern…

| Matthias Böde


HiFi Special: Clean Power

Live Wire – Why is clean power so important for perfect music reproduction? Well, let‘s take a closer look. After all, any music reproduction is, in…

| Tom Frantzen
WBT Nextgen PlasmaProtect


WBT Plasma Protect

The new Gold Standard – WBT, the specialist for connectors from Essen, Germany has recently started coating its high-end plugs and sockets with gold…

| Matthias Böde
Classics open reel


Philips N 4522 & Revox A 700 Review

Is reel to reel just the next retro hype or does it have a current raison d‘être? STEREO took a close look at two heroes of old.

Michael Lang

High End 2019


High End 2019

The High End in Munich was once again a meeting ground for the who is who of the hi-fi world. STEREO has compiled a selection of highlights for you.…

Spirits of  the deep


Subwoofer Reviews

Subwoofers are mystical creatures and only very few people are aware of their benefits and really explore their possibilities. STEREO put four…

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