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Category: Loudspeakers

Vimberg Amea

Standmount Speaker Test

Vimberg Amea Review

Want perfection at a more affordable price but without making any compromises? The Vimberg Amea offers just that.

| Tom Frantzen
Wilson Audio Sasha DAW

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Wilson Audio Sasha DAW Review

While nowadays there are plenty of excellent loudspeakers available, those from Wilson Audio are always surrounded by a very special aura. With a pair…

| Matthias Böde
Canton Smart Reference 5K

Active Floorstanding Speaker Test

Canton Smart Reference 5K Review

Canton has transferred the successful wireless smart technology from the Vento series to the flagship models of the Reference series. The 5K for 8,200…

Cabasse Pearl Akoya

Active Standmount Speaker Test

Cabasse Pearl Akoya Review

Cabasse follows up its active and smart "Pearl" with the smaller "Pearl Akoya". Maybe the "little sister" is even more attractive...

Fyne Audio F1-10

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Fyne Audio F1-10 Review

After Tannoy's change of ownership, the manufacturer Fyne Audio sees itself in an obligation to continue Scottish tradition – as for example with the…


Active Floorstanding Speaker Test


ATC – never heard of it? Then it's time to change that! Otherwise you might possibly miss the best loudspeaker of your life – as for example the…

Monitor Audio Silver 200

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Monitor Audio Silver 200 Review

With the Silver 200, Monitor Audio – after all, one of the biggest names in audiophile England – also wants to score big in other parts of the world.

Dynaudio Confidence 50

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Dynaudio Confidence 50 Review

Never before has there been a Dynaudio quite like this. True, they have always been a pleasure to listen to – but the new Confidence 50 seriously…

Manger P1

Active/Passive Floorstanding Speaker Test

Manger P1 Review (+Linn Electronics)

What would you like it to be: active or passive? With or without digital processing? And if DSP – Scottish or German? Join us for a ride through the…

Cabasse Pearl

Active Standmount Speaker Test

Cabasse Pearl Review

With the active streaming speaker Pearl, the French loudspeaker specialists from Cabasse once again go their own way.

Q Acoustics Concept 300

Standmount Speaker Test

Q Acoustics Concept 300 Review

Standmount speakers often lose a lot of their sound potential because they are placed in cabinets or on shelves. Q Acoustics‘ Concept 300 won‘t let…

Monitor Audio Platinum PL 100 II

Standmount Speaker Test

Monitor Audio Platinum PL 100 II Review

Recently we tested the Gold 200 from Monitor Audio. But we wanted more than gold – and ordered the Platinum PL 100 II standmount speaker from the…

Thivan Eros-9 | STEREO

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Thivan Eros-9 Review

With the Eros-9, the Vietnamese specialist Thivan Labs wants to place a permanent smile in the middle of every gentleman's beard. STEREO listened very…

B&W Formation Duo

Active Standmount Speaker Test

B&W Formation Duo Review

With the Formation series, B&W presents a complete wireless multiroom system. Was the long wait worth it? We have examined the current top model „Duo“…

Canton Smart Vento 3

Active Standmount Speaker Test

Canton Smart Vento 3 Review

Canton activated the Vento series. The Smart Vento 9 is now followed by the compact 3rd generation.

Phonar P4 Match Air

Active Floorstanding Speaker Test

Phonar P4 Match Air Review

Phonar’s P4 Match Air is based – elaborately activated – on the passive model P4 Next.

Piega 501

Active Floorstanding Speaker Test

Piega 501 Premium Wireless Review

Piega‘s favorite material aluminum has both acoustical and optical advantages.

Quadral Aurum Alpha

Active Floorstanding Speaker Test

Quadral Aurum Alpha Review

Quadral fits 71 kilograms of “Titan”-technology and 700-watts of power into a living room-friendly cabinet.

Triangle Sensa SN 03A

Active Standmount Speaker Test

Triangle Sensa SN 03A Review

From Triangle in France comes a sympathetically affordable and very thought-through approach.

DALI Oberon 1

Standmount Speaker Test

DALI Oberon 1 Review

Even hardcore audiophiles sometimes fall in love with extremely favorable offers. DALI‘s Oberon 1 is an almost unethical bargain for just around 400…

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