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Only complete turntables from now on

No more Tonearms from SME

SME tonearms are from now on only available with SME turntables. The decision was not easy, according to a statement from SME.

DHT-S216 (Image: Denon)

With downfire subwoofer

Super flat Denon-Soundbar DHT-S216

Despite the two woofers radiating downwards, it is so flat that it can stand in front of the TV without covering its infrared eye.

Record Doctor VI (Image: Record Doctor)

Inexpensive record cleaning

Record Doctor VI optimized

In the sixth generation of Record Doctor's manual record washing machine, the suction function has been optimized and the noise level reduced.

Billie Eilish (Image: Apple)

Grammys à la Apple

Billie Eilish is Artist of the Year

The iPhone manufacturer and operator of the music streaming service Apple Music awards its very own prizes.

+Record Player (Image: Audio Plus)


+Record Player with Rack

Audio Plus now completes its integrated turntable with an – acoustically fitting – rack.

Vincent PHO-300 and power supply (Image: Vincent)

Affordable with external power supply

Vincent PHO-300 Phono-Preamp

The two-part phono preamplifier for MM and MC systems costs only 300 Euro.

Mansour Mamaghani, Velodyne-Subwoofer (Images: Audio Reference)

Distributor acquires manufacturer

Audio Reference buys Velodyne

Mansour Mamaghani, Managing Director of Audio Reference, buys subwoofer specialist Velodyne Acoustics.

Videos in the Tidal desktop app (Screenshot: STEREO)

A touch of Youtube

Curated video mix on Tidal

After Amazon's price attack, the competitor wants to score with added value.

DSD-options in Audirvana (Screenshot: STEREO)

Update to Version 3.5.26

Audirvana now with DSD via network

The audiophile player software optimizes DSD streaming to network players.

NP 5 (Image: Primare)

Uprade streaming features

Primare Streaming-Bridge NP5

From Sweden comes a small streamer without analog output. Upgrading an existing hi-fi system with streaming functions is now possible with the NP5…

Elysian 4 (Image: Wharfedale)

With Air Motion Transformer

New Flagships: Wharfedale Elysian

The British manufacturer crowns its loudspeaker range with two elegant three-way models.

PI 4 (Image: Bowers & Wilkins)

Sporty and light In-ears

B&W PI 4 with Noise Cancelling

Bowers & Wilkins complete their range of Bluetooth headphones with the noise cancelling In-ears PI 4. They weigh only 40 grams and are water and…


15 % discount on everything black

Audionet: „Black Magic Friday”

The Berlin based high-end manufacturer takes Black Friday literally: on Friday, November 20th, there will be a 15% discount on all black devices.


What is your primary source of music?

The nowadays available variety of different hi-fi sources is huge. From traditional ones like radios, turntables or tape recorders over somewhat…

Beastmaster One (left) and Two (Image: Liedtke-Metalldesign)

Stands for mighty speakers

Liedtke's Beastmaster One and Two

These four sturdy metal stands with different heights also carry very heavy loudspeakers.


From 500 to 700 Dollar

Roon: Drastic Price Increase

Without prior notice, Roon Labs increased the price for the Lifetime license to $700. Already prior to this, the Roon software hasn't really been…



Canton: Black Friday Discount

The "Black Friday" is casting its shadow: Canton grants an 11% discount on the entire online-exclusive range.

Roon 1.7 (Image: Roon Labs)

Noble Player renovated

Roon Version 1.7 available

New recommendation features based on Roon users and enhanced metadata.


Mail order phono supplier

„Needle Doctor“ shuts down

Jerry Raskin gives up his shop for turntable components and spare parts. As reports, the specialist for turntables and phono…

Amazon-Music-App on iPhone 11 (Screenshot: STEREO)

Now also on Smartphones

Amazon Music Free for everyone

The free version of Amazon Music is now also available on smartphones and in the browser.

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