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Record music from streaming-services

Audials can record Hi-res

In the new version 2020, the stream-recording software Audials can now record HiRes streams, such as Tidal's "master" files, with 96 kHz clock rate in…

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DALI: first ever headphones

For the first time in its 35-year history, the Danish loudspeaker specialist DALI is now launching headphones. They are called DALI IO-4 (300 Euros)…

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1200 Euros

Technics' first in-ears

At the IFA, Technics presented their first ever in-ear headphones. Their name is EAH-TZ700 and they are expected to be launched in December for a…

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Farwell to the WM-Port

Sony-Walkman with USB-C

For years, Sony has always equipped its Walkman players with the proprietary WM port for connecting to a PC. At the IFA the first Walkman players with…

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CXA61, CXA81

Cambridge-amp with USB-B

Update of the CX series: the new integrated amplifier Cambridge CXA61 (900 Euro) is now additionally equipped with a USB-B port for the PC and an…

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MA 352

Hybrid integrated amplifier from McIntosh

A feast for the eyes of tube fans: McIntosh has placed the four tubes in the preamplifier of the new MA 352 integrated amp right at the front, even…

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„Studio Slim“

Super slim soundbar with subwoofer

Definitive Technology offers a set consisting of a 5 cm high soundbar and a wireless subwoofer.

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Affordable Focal-Speakers

Focal not only builds really expensive loudspeakers, but now launches the Chora series - a new generation of high-quality yet affordable loudspeakers.…

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Set for 7000 Euros

HighEnd from Sony: near field monitor

Sony not only builds little Bluetooth speakers for the mainstream market, but also really sophisticated and accordingly expensive high-end products –…

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Braun-Comeback – as all-in-one

The British manufacturer "Pure" is known for its DAB radios – now it has acquired a license to use the "Braun" brand and revives design elements of…

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„Move“ with Bluetooth

Outside Sonos-speakers

Demand for multi-room components is declining, while Bluetooth speakers are booming. Multiroom-pioneer Sonos is therefore integrating Bluetooth for…

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Pioneer PD-50 AE

SACD-Player with MQA-DAC

Pioneer's new PD-50 AE CD/SACD player can decode MQA from CD and USB. It is formally the successor of the old PD-50, but plays in a completely…

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Four Woofers

Design-Soundbar from Denmark

B&O introduces its first soundbar: it is called "Beosound Stage" and has a seamless frame made of aluminum, optionally covered in natural aluminum…

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TD 2.2 with new chassis

Raidho completes the TD-series

The D 2.1 becomes the TD 2.2: Danish loudspeaker specialist Raidho equips the compact floorstanding speaker with its new in-house chassis.

PA 1100 E

T+A: integrated amp with DAC

The new PA 1100 E integrated amplifier is based on the purely analog PA 1000 E, but is additonally equipped with a DAC module.

Instead of multichannel

Stereo-Network-Receiver with HDMI

As an alternative to the latest multi-channel AV receivers, Onkyo is launching the TX-8390 network stereo receiver for 900 Euros in November.

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Network-Receiver-DAC from Denon

The manufacturer simply calls it an "integrated network amplifier", but the PMA-150H also has a FM/DAB receiver and a full USB DAC on board.

Review and visit of the pressing plant

Intense and authentic

Musically outstanding and brought to vinyl in perfect quality, the record "Blicher Hemmer Gadd" is an analog highlight. STEREO has thoroughly examined…

500 Euro Discount

Focal: Headphone Trade-In

"Old for new" campaign at Focal: from September 1st to 30th 2019, Focal accepts used headphones as a trade-in. When purchasing the Focal "Clear"…

DACs and Streamers

Weiss: series 5 is „Roon ready”

The digital specialist from Switzerland highly praised Roon: "Roon is the next generation audio player software that does many of the things we like…

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