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Smart Amp 5.1 (Image: Canton)

„Smart“-system integrates TV and passive speakers

Multi-Channel Amps: Canton Smart Connect 5.1 and Amp 5.1

Canton's Smart Connect 5.1 preamplifier and Amp 5.1 intergrated amplifier incorporate TV sets and existing loudspeakers into the "Smart" radio system.

WPods with recharge case (Image: Wharfedale)

True Wireless

Wharfedale WPods: true-wireless in-ears for 99€

The British manufacturer promotes the in-ears as an affordable alternative to Apple's AirPods.

Cubasis 3 Mixer on iPhone (Image: Steinberg)

Now also for iPhone

Steinberg Cubasis 3 – update for the production software

Audio software specialist Steinberg has completely revamped its music production app Cubasis and adapted it for small displays.

Sonoro Maestro (Image: Sonoro)

With CD-Player, DAB+ and Streaming

Sonoro Maestro: German CD-Streaming-Receiver

The Sonoro Maestro is a universal living room unit with wooden cabinet.


Valid until end of December

Tidal HiFi: 5 months for 5 Euro

An offer that is almost impossible to refuse.

Caruso (Image: T+A)

Now with Spotify & Co.

New T+A Caruso

In its third generation, the all-in-one streamer T+A Caruso offers access to Spotify Connect and Amazon Music.

Free Firmware Update

Cambridge-Streamers with Qobuz Support

The British manufacturer integrates the French streaming service.


New format-war in music streaming

Sony 360 Reality vs. Audio Dolby Atmos

Tidal and Amazon Music HD now stream songs in Dolby Atmos - initially just in the USA.

Home 350 (Image: Denon)

Now with more classic designs

Denon „Home“: new HEOS-speakers

Three new Multiroom models from 250 euros. Denon has departed from the rather bizarre shapes of the previous models: the new "home" speakers have…

RC1 (Image: Bluesound)

Alternative to the App

Infrared Remote for Bluesound

As convenient as the operation via app may be: for the standard functions many prefer to use a specialized remote control.


All-in-one or individual components?

Jam-packed hi-fi racks are history! Instead, there is a trend towards ultra-compact all-in-one devices. After all it is a rather pleasant thought to…

Mystic (Image: Vertere)

Pickup for 2500 Euro

Vertere: MC cartridge „Mystic“

The British phono specialist expands its product range with the addition of a premium phono pickup.

Ken Ishiwata in front of the Marantz components named after him (Image: STEREO)

40 years in the service of Marantz

Ken Ishiwata has died

STEREO was shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Ken Ishiwata, the Marantz "brand ambassador".

from (Screenshot: STEREO)

Only complete turntables from now on

No more Tonearms from SME

SME tonearms are from now on only available with SME turntables. The decision was not easy, according to a statement from SME.

DHT-S216 (Image: Denon)

With downfire subwoofer

Super flat Denon-Soundbar DHT-S216

Despite the two woofers radiating downwards, it is so flat that it can stand in front of the TV without covering its infrared eye.

Record Doctor VI (Image: Record Doctor)

Inexpensive record cleaning

Record Doctor VI optimized

In the sixth generation of Record Doctor's manual record washing machine, the suction function has been optimized and the noise level reduced.

Billie Eilish (Image: Apple)

Grammys à la Apple

Billie Eilish is Artist of the Year

The iPhone manufacturer and operator of the music streaming service Apple Music awards its very own prizes.

+Record Player (Image: Audio Plus)


+Record Player with Rack

Audio Plus now completes its integrated turntable with an – acoustically fitting – rack.

Vincent PHO-300 and power supply (Image: Vincent)

Affordable with external power supply

Vincent PHO-300 Phono-Preamp

The two-part phono preamplifier for MM and MC systems costs only 300 Euro.

Mansour Mamaghani, Velodyne-Subwoofer (Images: Audio Reference)

Distributor acquires manufacturer

Audio Reference buys Velodyne

Mansour Mamaghani, Managing Director of Audio Reference, buys subwoofer specialist Velodyne Acoustics.

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