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Gauder Akustik DARC 60

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Gauder Akustik DARC 60 Review

In the world of hi-fi, innovations usually emerge with baby steps. However, with their DARC series, Gauder has launched a leap forward in innovation. …

Focal Stellia

Headphone Test

Focal Stellia Review

Focal wants to take the lead – also with closed-back headphones. Will the exquisitely crafted „Stellia“ succeed?

Pre-/Power Amp Combination Test

Luxman CL-38uC & MQ-88uC Review

For many hi-fi fans, the new retro looking Luxman tube-duo is guaranteed to be love at first sight. What about first listen? STEREO is testing whether…

Dynaudio Evoke 10/30

Standmount / Floorstanding Speaker Test

Dynaudio Evoke 10 & 30 Review

Straightforwardness and professionalism without fuss have always been the hallmarks of Dynaudio loudspeakers. What about the new „Evoke“ series? We…

High End 2019


High End 2019

The High End in Munich was once again a meeting ground for the who is who of the hi-fi world. STEREO has compiled a selection of highlights for you.…

Thorens TD 202

Turntable Test

Thorens TD202 Review

No other brand better represents the sophisticated turntable at an affordable price than Thorens. The new owner wants to continue the great tradition…


Disc Player / Integrated Amp Test

Musical Fidelity M2SCD & M2SI Review

Many believe that prices are skyrocketing wherever you look. However, not so at Musical Fidelity, who are fighting against this allegation even after…

Cables from Australia

Cable Test

KLEI Cables Review

Recently some cables from Australia reached our office, which reminded us of the Eichmann Bullet Plug. That was no coincidence.

| Tom Frantzen
Clearaudio Innovation Compact & Tonearms

Turntable Test

Clearaudio Innovation Compact Review

Tough Choice – or in this case twice the pleasure. STEREO tested the “Clearaudio Innovation Compact” with the radial tonearm “Tracer” as well as the…

| Matthias Böde

Active Floorstanding Speaker Test

Canton Smart Vento 9 Review

After the melodious appetizer AM5, Canton also activated its successful Vento series. And the Smart Vento 9 has much more to offer than „just“ power…

| Carsten Barnbeck
Spirits of  the deep


Subwoofer Reviews

Subwoofers are mystical creatures and only very few people are aware of their benefits and really explore their possibilities. STEREO put four…

| Tom Frantzen and Michael Lang

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