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Chromecast built-in

Streaming Protocol Test

Chromecast Audio Review

Wire from the Cloud – With Chromecast you can stream music from Qobuz & Co. directly from the cloud to your streamer – without a PC and in HiRes.…

| Ulrich Wienforth
Focal Elegia

Headphone Test

Focal Elegia Review

Attack on the Establishment – A powerful player in the loudspeaker market for decades, Focal is now increasingly attacking the top dogs in headphones…

| Michael Lang
Pro-Ject X1

Turntable Test

Pro-Ject X1 Review

»Going back to my roots« – With the X1, Pro-Ject goes back to its roots and underlines the recipe for success that has been cultivated ever since and…

| Matthias Böde
Perpetuum Ebner PE4040 MKII

Turntable Test

Perpetuum Ebner PE4040 MKII Review

»Swing When You‘re Winning« – Perpetuum Ebner has upgraded its top turntable PE4040 to the MKII version. Its suspended chassis remained, but…

| Matthias Böde
Cambridge Audio Alva TT

Turntable Test

Cambridge Audio Alva TT Review

»Radar Love«: Vinyl passion over radio waves – is that even possible? Yes it is! The Cambridge Audio Alva TT can also send its signals via Bluetooth…

| Matthias Böde
Acoustic Solid Solid 111 Metall

Turntable Test

Acoustic Solid Solid 111 Metall Review

»All or nothing at all«? Not a question with the Solid 111 Metall from Acoustic Solid. You can easily get started and just add more later on – or you…

| Matthias Böde
NAD C368

Integrated Amp Test

NAD C368 Review

Bridge-Builder – At 1000 Euros, NAD‘s new C368 is the middle of a modern amplifier trio that combines the best of analog and digital amp technology.

| Tom Frantzen
Q Acoustics Concept 300

Standmount Speaker Test

Q Acoustics Concept 300 Review

A Life of Harmony – Standmount speakers often lose a lot of their sound potential because they are placed in cabinets or on shelves. Q Acoustics‘…

| Michael Lang
Moon 600i

Integrated Amp Test

Moon 600i Review

The Moon from Canada – What sounds like the title of a childrens bedtime-story looks more like a picture book for adults. The Moon 600i is a dream of…

| Tom Frantzen
Pathos Kratos

Integrated Amp Test

Pathos Kratos Review

Eight cylinders with Power & Pathos – It‘s all in the name: with their new Kratos, the amplifier specialists from Pathos combine power with…

| Matthias Böde
Westend Audio Systems LEO

Integrated Amp Test

Westend Audio Systems LEO Review

Beware the Lion – 300B single-ended triode amplifier. This sounds frightening for some and makes other‘s eyes sparkle. What is it about the myth…

| Volker Pigors
Technics SL-1500C

Turntable Test

Technics SL-1500C Review

Technics for all! – No more excuses! With the new SL-1500C, Technics presents a new convenient all-in-one turntable for all those who are eager to…

| Matthias Böde


HiFi Special: Clean Power

Live Wire – Why is clean power so important for perfect music reproduction? Well, let‘s take a closer look. After all, any music reproduction is, in…

| Tom Frantzen
Monitor Audio Platinum PL 100 II

Standmount Speaker Test

Monitor Audio Platinum PL 100 II Review

Heart of Platinum – Recently we tested the Gold 200 from Monitor Audio. But we wanted more than gold – and ordered the Platinum PL 100 II standmount…

| Michael Lang
Thivan Eros-9 | STEREO

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Thivan Eros-9 Review

Gentlemen‘s Speaker – With the Eros-9, the Vietnamese specialist Thivan Labs wants to place a permanent smile in the middle of every gentleman's…

| Tom Frantzen

Integrated Amp/CD-Player Test

Accustic Arts PLAYER I & POWER I Review

The Art of Naturalness – With the just renewed team of PLAYER I and POWER I, Accustic Arts increases the performance of their "Top-Series" - in a very…

| Matthias Böde
HiFiMan Arya | STEREO

Headphone Test

HiFiMan Arya Review

The HiFiMan „Arya“ doesn‘t conform to the trend and only sounds brilliant with a proper amplifier.

WBT Nextgen PlasmaProtect


WBT Plasma Protect

WBT, the specialist for connectors from Essen, Germany has recently started coating its high-end plugs and sockets with gold atoms using a plasma…

Clearaudio Balance V2 (Image: STEREO)

(Phono-)Preamplifier / Headphone Amp Test

Clearaudio Balance V2 Review

Phono-pre, preamplifier and headphone amp: Clearaudio‘s new Balance V2 combines three devices in one. How does it perform? We‘ve tested all the…

B&W Formation Duo

Active Standmount Speaker Test

B&W Formation Duo Review

With the Formation series, B&W presents a complete wireless multiroom system. Was the long wait worth it? We have examined the current top model „Duo“…

Ripper/Streamer/Server Test

Bluesound Vault 2i Review

Keeping others‘ promises – Anyone who is afraid of the pitfalls of analog technology has probably never attempted to install a streamer ready to play.…

| Michael Lang
T+A PDT 3100 HV | T+A SDV 3100 HV

Streaming DAC / SACD Drive Test

T+A PDT 3100 HV & T+A SDV 3100 HV Review

T+A took a giant step forward with its „HV“ series. Now the SDV3100HV streaming DAC along with the SACD drive PDT3100HV want to catch up to the…

Canton Smart Vento 3

Active Standmount Speaker Test

Canton Smart Vento 3 Review

Canton activated the Vento series. The Smart Vento 9 is now followed by the compact 3rd generation.

Phonar P4 Match Air

Active Floorstanding Speaker Test

Phonar P4 Match Air Review

Phonar’s P4 Match Air is based – elaborately activated – on the passive model P4 Next.

Piega 501

Active Floorstanding Speaker Test

Piega 501 Premium Wireless Review

Piega‘s favorite material aluminum has both acoustical and optical advantages.

Quadral Aurum Alpha

Active Floorstanding Speaker Test

Quadral Aurum Alpha Review

Quadral fits 71 kilograms of “Titan”-technology and 700-watts of power into a living room-friendly cabinet.

Triangle Sensa SN 03A

Active Standmount Speaker Test

Triangle Sensa SN 03A Review

From Triangle in France comes a sympathetically affordable and very thought-through approach.

AVM R 5.3

Turntable Test

AVM R 5.3 Review

The German manufacturer AVM has now added two turntables to its product range. They have been developed entirely by AVM themselves. We are testing the…

DALI Oberon 1

Standmount Speaker Test

DALI Oberon 1 Review

Even hardcore audiophiles sometimes fall in love with extremely favorable offers. DALI‘s Oberon 1 is an almost unethical bargain for just around 400…


Integrated Amp Test

NAD M10 Review

The brand new NAD M10 is small and inconspicuous. However, it is anything but a toy and instead full of clever ideas and technology.

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