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Musical Fidelity M6s DAC

D/A-Converter Test

Musical Fidelity M6s DAC Review

A solution for almost every problem? On paper, Musical Fidelity's new M6sDAC fulfills just about every possible requirement for this type of device.


Headphone Test

DALI IO 6 Review

More than 35 years after the company's foundation, the Danish loudspeaker specialists present their first headphones: the DALI IO 6.

Denon DCD-600NE & PMA-600NE

Integrated Amp/CD-Player Test

Denon DCD-600NE & Denon PMA-600NE Review

With the DCD-600NE CD-player and PMA-600NE integrated amplifier, Denon offers a complete package for a total of less than 700 Euros. Can the set…

SME Model 12

Turntable Test

SME Model 12 Review

Wow! This looks fantastic! As a successor to the Model 10, the English analog specialist SME presents the new Model 12 turntable, which will not only…


Soundbar Test


Despite its flat design, the new DALI KATCH ONE soundbar wants to impress with room-filling sound.

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge

Streaming DAC & Preamp Test

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge Review

In addition to the New York districts of "Manhattan" and "Brooklyn", a Brooklyn Bridge now also connects Mytek's product families of the same name –…

Canton Smart Soundbar 9

Soundbar Test

Canton Smart Soundbar 9 Review

Integrated into Canton's "Smart" concept, the "Soundbar 9" shows what outstanding sound is possible at a price point of just 700 Euros.

Dynaudio Confidence 50

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Dynaudio Confidence 50 Review

Never before has there been a Dynaudio quite like this. True, they have always been a pleasure to listen to – but the new Confidence 50 seriously…

B&W Formation Bar

Soundbar Test

B&W Formation Bar Review

With their new "Formation" series, B&W launched a new era for the British company – not just technically but also optically. We've taken a closer look…

Luxman PD-151, D-N 150 & SQ-N 150

Turntable, CD-Player & Integrated Amp Test

Luxman PD-151, D-N 150 & SQ-N 150 Review

It is an audiophile declaration of love en miniature: Luxman's new 150-series player/amp combination. Together with the PD-151 turntable, this is an…

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar | STEREO

Soundbar Test

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Review

With a substantial price of 2,500 Euros, the Sennheiser Ambeo is aiming at the soundbar throne. Thanks to extremely sophisticated 3D technology from…

Manger P1

Active/Passive Floorstanding Speaker Test

Manger P1 Review (+Linn Electronics)

What would you like it to be: active or passive? With or without digital processing? And if DSP – Scottish or German? Join us for a ride through the…

Cabasse Pearl

Active Standmount Speaker Test

Cabasse Pearl Review

With the active streaming speaker Pearl, the French loudspeaker specialists from Cabasse once again go their own way.

Chromecast built-in

Streaming Protocol Test

Chromecast Audio Review

With Chromecast you can stream music from Qobuz & Co. directly from the cloud to your streamer – without a PC and in HiRes. Soundwise that should be…

Focal Elegia

Headphone Test

Focal Elegia Review

A powerful player in the loudspeaker market for decades, Focal is now increasingly attacking the top dogs in headphones as well – as for example with…

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